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The Road to Vintage
Remember when coffee cost five cents? When people smoked on airplanes? When traffic meant a line of horse-drawn carriages? Vintage traffic signs are relics of that glossy past: the days of soda shops, classic cars, and coiffed dames drinking bottles of Coca-Cola. Vintage signs are perfect retro decor: funny, nostalgic, and full of character.
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Click It or Ticket Sign in California
School Patrol 1
Original 1940s OHIO road shield sign route (Image source: Ebay]
Vintage STOP Sign

  Arrange a call
Phone No.

Welcome to

Good signs never age.

When was the last time you really read a traffic sign? Once you get used to a red octagon meaning "stop," replika Rolex hitting the brake becomes automatic �you don’t even think about it.

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Consider the contrasting situation faced by early drivers. Before there were nationwide sign standards, every state and sometimes every community had its own version of traffic signs. Although it created confusion and road hazards for drivers, this period did bequeath us some of the U.S.'s relojes de imitacion most unusual-looking �and collectible �traffic signs.

In these pages, you’ll learn more about the evolution and history of signage over the past century, from the early days of the MUTCD to contemporary sign collectors.

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